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Some Container or No Container at all
No 4, ConCon 1 \ Concepts of Capitalism

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I ConCon1

What exactly is capitalism? How can we better understand the mechanics of the system? Can it be comprehended on terms of economics alone, what about additional specificities like morality, politics and history? In ConCon, we explore the concept of capitalism through a designated syllabus and multiple iterations.

I ExAnnotations 
An exercise in note-taking! 

Notes on A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy [link]
(Karl Marx \ ed. Robert C. Tucker), preface p. 3 - 6 

Notes on Capital, Volume One [link]
(Karl Marx \ ed. Robert C. Tucker) p. 294 - 361

Notes on Rethinking Financial Capitalism and the 'Information Economy' [link]
(Duncan K. Foley) 

I rereflection

In this session, we discuss some basic concepts of capitalism through a Marxist slant. 

I Terms in circulation
A list of term explored in this session. 

\ Historical Materialism
\ Commodity
\ Use-value
\ Exchange-value
\ Value
\ Price
\ Abstraction
\ Commodity Fetishism 
\ Reification 
\ Labour
\ Labour-power
\ Labour-time

I Matters Arising

Further Research
\Historical materialism against Dialectical materialism

What are the contemporary forms of production relations, how do they differ from Marx's examples and how would they impact the future? (E.g. the sharing economy, Youtube & content, 'influencer', etc.)

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