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No 5, ConCon 2 \ Concepts of Capitalism

_ ConCon2

What exactly is capitalism? How can we better understand the mechanics of the system? Can it be comprehended on terms of economics alone, what about additional specificities like morality, politics and history? In ConCon, we explore the concept of capitalism. 

In ConCon1, we explore capitalism through a Marxist slant, which we will continue this exploration in ConCon2

_ ExAnnotations

This is comparative note-taking exercise that explores how notes are made and organised by situating each individual's sensitivities within a larger network. 

≠ Complete Capital Volume One, Part II. The Transformation of Money into Capital Notes

_ Syllabus

(Karl Marx \ ed. Robert C. Tucker) Capital, Volume One, p. 361 - 376 

(Nancy Fraser) Behind Marx's Hidden Abode: For an Expanded Conception of Capitalism, video (link)

(Wolfgang Streeck) The Crises of Democratic Capitalism

(Duncan Foley) Understanding Capital, chapter 1 - 2 

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