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About 16 Beaver
16 Beaver is the address of a space initiated/run by artists since 1999. Since that time, it has served as place where those involved in art, politics, education, as well as a multiplicity of other contexts and fields of activity could discover and develop a common place to share research, questions, understandings, concerns, and struggles. Thus, it has been an open place to share, present, produce, and discuss a variety of artistic/cultural/economic/political projects. It has also been a site where discussions can lead to actions and action can be discussed and rethought.

Since 1999, the Reading Group at 16Beaver has organized presentations, readings, discussions, screenings, and panels with/by artists, curators, thinkers, writers, and activists.
Monday nights have been an evening to share time and generate discussions, links, ideas. Meetings usually begin at 7pm and the location is almost always at 16Beaver Street, 4th Floor.
Of course after 4 or 5 years, Monday became Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday or any day which seemed appropriate. And events, seminars, walks, activities have also been organized in different cities. The initiative for all events comes from people who become involved in the space and from friends or people we are interested in, who are visiting the city.

Common(s)Course: http://16beavergroup.org/mondays/2013/11/18/monday-11-18-13-money-needed-to-abolish-itself-commons-course-week-10/
- Speculations on how to exit the logic of money
- "We were excited by the large group which came at such short notice and humbled by the generosity everyone showed to enter a speculative space of thought and debate in the midst of our attempts to invent new forms of political resistance and common(s) life."

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