Some Notes on Taste

Taste doesn't matter, it is too subjective and varies according to time. It is too hard to chase after what's 'contemporary' or the latest trend. What's important is obsession, it's the desire for excesses, to go past the edge or fringe into an rabbit hole.


"According to Greenberg, the ideal spectator of avant-garde art is less interested in it as a source of aesthetic delectation than as a source of knowledge – of information about art production, its devices, its media, and its techniques. Art ceases to be a matter of taste and becomes a matter of knowledge and mastery. In this sense, one can say that, as a modern technique, avant-garde art is, generally, autonomous – which is to say, independent of any individual taste."

Art and Money
Boris Groys
e-flux journal #24


Perhaps it is best to move away from taste and towards questioning the assumptions of where you're coming from. 

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