motion\\ space container

This is a simulation of the eventual motion: space-container

Space Container collaborates with artists by interlacing aspects of their creative practices with various social technologies, virtual communities and network. Probing various modes of art distribution, circulation and exhibition, Space Container pursues new horizons for creative cultivation for a digital milieu.


  • Short-format documentary exploring an aspect of an artist’s practice
  • Innovative image-making and video-producing techniques with particular attention paid on how to best capture the work for social technologies and digital platforms
  • Circulated on various social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Content is customised according to the intricacies of each platform
  • Aspire to cultivate interactions and engagement

How can art be affective and effective within the digital milieu? How can virtual communities and networks extend the distribution, circulation and exhibition of art?

What happens to the content of an artwork when its exposition leaves the traditional exhibition format and is dispersed onto the extensive global system of participative network? How does the medium massages the message?

Is there aesthetics in the circulation of creative processes through digital media? Can the documentation of creative processes, thoughts, inspirations mediated by pervasive technologies be an aesthetic experience?

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