motion\\ fault-bend

This is a simulation of the eventual motion: fault-bend


fault-bend aspires to propagate artistic practices through the intersection of creative research and production with the intimacies of dialogue, groupness, exchanges and touch. Approaching the discursive potential of an artwork beyond its often supplementary relation to production and exhibition, the project formats itself as a public forum across social technologies and physical spaces.


  • Series and episodes
  • Each episodes is developed alongside an artist, focusing on an aspect of their practice, running the course of a week.
  • Stimulants [questions / thoughts / references / etcetera] will be released gradually over the week on social platforms with a main anchor of a Facebook group or an email chain.
  • Additionally stimulants contributed by participants and collaborators is encouraged which forms the core of the project.
  • These discussions would eventually lead to a physical gathering to reflect on the week’s topic.

∫Structural Integrity∫

  • • How does communication differ across the interface? How much of conversation is mediated by the interface?
  • • What gets lost or proliferates in the translation from the virtual mode of communication to the physical?
  • • What differs ‘discourse’ from ‘practice’, if any? Can the discursive be aestheticise?
  • § How can knowledge be disseminated, shared and created? We will consider the importance of building references, reading lists, repositories of knowledge for expanded and further study.

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  1. Programming in varying intensities, according to nature of project. Social media platform (mainly Facebook) as an anchor. How important is the anchor?