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🌫 (of a surface) reflections 🌳

Notes towards a self-destructing manifesto:

The concept of community is imputed with consensus; of mutuality. In such circumstances, durable relations participating in shared values, vision, identity is negotiated alongside fissures, tension and nuances.

the necessity of struggle} to value challenges, discomfort in the search for new ways of being, to want to grow, learn and prosper.

interest and affection} to remain curious, engaged with other practices, research interests, questions. To empathise. To give. To take ownership.

Structural integrity:

Twitter•••The feeds, archive, chronologically scrolling-downwards as a resolution of the fragment within the totality of feeling; collectivised emotions. Honesty is recognising the moment, even when you appear unrecognisable. These tweets function as fractions of a manifesto that encompasses futurity, ambivalence and growth. A tendency towards eradication.

Instagram•••A visual repository exploring the sign, symbol, logo economy and turn towards a more image-based literacy. How can these images add a latitude to a project largely based on language and the discursive?

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