(of a surface) reflections2

on stamina> To endure till you get to a point of substance remains imperative. Ideas exist in abundance, the follow-through does not. Parts of sustaining an artistic practice involves searching for mediums that can deal with the dimensions of your question. If one were to know the ins-and-outs of a medium, there will be no motivation to continue as little growth or insight will transpire from the process. The process becomes nothing more than a cog within a machine, a kind of making for the sake of making–valueless. There is an important aspect of dynamism within stamina, to persist without being stale.

on conversing> What distinguishes ‘meaningful’ discursive forms from weather conversations? Under what conditions or behaviour does dialogue proliferates and transform? How can we better converse? Perhaps, paramount importance resides in the active process of encountering, interpreting and questioning the work at hand rather than making a conclusive or cohesive argument. Part of the transcendental potential of art involves being empathetic to position outside of yourself and these discussions should function as spaces to test out ideas, to be wrong and to destroy preconceptions, as opposed to promoting your agenda or reinforcing your beliefs. Experiences of the world are not limited to pithy statements of truth but remains a fertile (and perhaps, futile) struggle in one’s grappling of meaning. World-view is not a finite entity, but a speculative process in which arguments about the nature of reality is constantly being examined and investigated. We must be more inventive in our response, we must push ourselves to find new thoughts and structures, we must value risks, mistakes and the struggle.

ETA (December 21, 2016): Procrastination is rewarding in an increasingly content-laden, distraction-driven world. Attention span, extended period of time is a quality we should aspire to. 

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